A game where you play as Santa moderating the Naughty and Nice List. You've been given a new app to help manage this from an enterprising young elf. Swipe left to place the kid on the Naughty List and swipe right to put them on the Nice List. Balance your budget and global cheer reserves to ensure as many kids as possible get judged.


Things around the North Pole are a bit old fashioned and it was starting to bother one elf with an eye for the future. Reginald preferred technology to the wooden horses and dollies his peers were creating. A self-taught coder he had a plan to revolutionize things around the Workshop with a simple little app he called "Naughty/Nice".

This app streamlines the whole process of list moderation for Santa. Children are auto-populated into the system and Santa must swipe left to place the child on the Naughty List and swipe right to place them on the Nice List. Santa must allow pay attention to the two resources of the holiday season: Christmas Cheer and Workshop Magic. If either resource gets too high or too low it could have unfortunate consequences!

Did I mention you're Santa? Cause you're Santa. Check the lining of the suit it's all explained there. Enjoy your new app!

Made for the Christmas Jam 2016, #xmasjam16.



Source: https://github.com/joemagiv/NaughtyNice

Android build released!


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i love it it 

's amazing 

Thank you!


I love it! It's a hoot


Hey hey! Noticing a lot of people checking this out from youtube but I can't find which videos in particular are driving the traffic. Can someone tell me how they found this?

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I personally found the game at the top of my itch.io feed... I haven't seen a video on YT yet. 


I just discovered it in this compilation by Jupiter Hadley

i found this by scrolling down when i whel i put the :Christmas: and :web:  in the thing ( idks whats it called )


Super fun game! Check my playtrhough of it!

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Awesome game! I love that it can be played on a phone, great idea!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!