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This game is really funny in a sense that I can decide what is naughty or nice. Like I could make someone who spends time with their family naughty and someone who doesn't like Christmas a nice. Truly a game that causes chaos. I like it. Also I realised that this game is 5 years old but it still plays well and is a fun casual game which is really neat. I'll probably play this game every Christmas to simulate a chaotic Santa lol.


thanks for playing!


Where do I recognize the music from?? It's going to make me insane

The opening music

Never mind but why on earth are you using the phasmophobia christmas lobby music

Got it from the same music pack I did. Also, my game is 5 years old so the real question is why is Phasmophobia using the Naughty/Nice music!?

Huh it just immediately gave me horror vibes so I was waiting for the game to turn horror


Cute lil game that I enjoyed playing, because I love judging people based on trivial things. Now you can judge me for sharing my video:


thanks for playing! 

Just a couple things,

The shoes Reginald is wearing was supposed to be a hover board, big in 2016. Thank you for checking his twitter!

Also its a doll that is no longer in circulation, like discontinued not a doll about circulation. And yeah there’s no way to “win” just to get a higher score and keep the scales balanced.

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oh man, you actually watched my video! that's awesome. 

first, i didn't realize it was a hoverboard, but i am also blind so forgive me. second, i figured it meant "a doll that is no longer being made" but i thought it was funny to pretend it was an actual "circulation doll" that simply didnt exist. i have a weird sense of humor; forgive me for this too. thank you for watching and the elaboration! hope you had a good christmas! :)


My wife and I loved your game and made a short video on it! Look forward to seeing other games you've made

Glad you enjoyed it! 


i love it it 

's amazing 

Thank you!


I love it! It's a hoot


Hey hey! Noticing a lot of people checking this out from youtube but I can't find which videos in particular are driving the traffic. Can someone tell me how they found this?

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I personally found the game at the top of my feed... I haven't seen a video on YT yet. 


I just discovered it in this compilation by Jupiter Hadley

i found this by scrolling down when i whel i put the :Christmas: and :web:  in the thing ( idks whats it called )

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Super fun game! Check my playtrhough of it!

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Awesome game! I love that it can be played on a phone, great idea!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!